The art and science of personalized healthcare

Dr. Jolyn Starling.  Naturopathic Doctor.

Dr. Jolyn Starling is a Naturopathic Physician in Victoria, BC who practices holistically to help her patients achieve physical, mental and emotional balance. It is her goal to treat the underlying cause of disease and not just address symptoms. As a practitioner she creates a personalized treatment plan for each patient to help them regain balance and health in their lives. She believes there is no greater honor or privilege than facilitating the process of healing; to bear witness, to reach out a hand, and to share the burden for someone who is suffering.

Her interest in integrative healthcare developed while working with Mother Theresa’s orphanage for disabled children and palliative care hospital in India. It was here that she learned how an integrative, open approach to healthcare is what best serves the patient, their families, and their community.

In her home-based practice, she uses tools to support her patients on their healing journey such as nutrition, botanical medicine, lifestyle and dietary counselling, as well as resources to support a deeper dive into the more spiritual aspects of healing. She strongly believes that providing a compassionate and safe place to be heard from is an important part of the healing process which is why she has chosen to work from her home, rather than the larger clinics she once worked from. 

Dr. Jolyn Starling holds a doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine, a Bachelor of Science degree in biology, is licensed to prescribe pharmaceutical drugs, and she is an accredited member of Integrative Medicine for Mental Health (IMMMH). She is committed to providing the highest quality care for her patients and continues to develop knowledge in her field by regularly attending seminars across Canada and the US.  Dr. Starling has been practicing in Victoria, BC since she graduated in 2009.

What to Expect

Your first appointment will be 2 hours long.

During this appointment a complete history will be taken including a detailed review of your body’s systems, a partial physical examination, establishment of your healing goals, and determination of how we will work together to best accomplish these goals. Together we will begin to establish the necessary treatment plan for healing to take place.

Subsequent appointment will be 30 minutes long.

Your second appointment will include the remainder of the physical exam (if necessary) and continuation of treatment and guidance.

Most extended health insurance plans cover naturopathic visits with a licensed naturopathic doctor.  Supplements and lab tests may be covered depending on your plan.  Dr. Starling is also an MSP registered practitioner. MSP may cover a certain amount up to 10 visits per year for those who are eligible. Click here for more details: ministry of health services.