Teaching principles of health

Services Provided

Supporting mental and emotional health is an integral part of my practice, as I truly recognize the interplay between our mental and emotional wellbeing and our physical health. My resources to guide and support through these challenges include nutritional assessments; whole body assessment including digestive and hormonal systems; dietary guidance; an understanding of potential genetic or family/environmental influences; and observing for places where lifestyle support could be helpful. I implement this support through the use of herbs, nutrients, dietary and lifestyle modifications, and occasionally bioidentical hormone support in the form of drug therapy when necessary. I often prescribe homework which involves writing and thinking about particular questions designed to take you deeper into your emotional healing and closer to your essential nature. I am an accredited member of Integrative Medicine for Mental Health (IMMH) and am trauma informed (mostly through the work of Dr. Apigion).

Through customized dietary and supplementation guidance, knowledge of the biochemistry of nutrients is used to safely and effectively treat disease and physiological imbalance. While working with individual health concerns and possible dietary restrictions, dietary and supplement counselling is used to promote optimal health.

There are several tests available to assist in determining levels of hormones, genetic mutations, neurotransmitters, typical blood markers and overall nutrient status. Testing available includes blood, salivary, stool and urinary testing.

A form of medicine that aims to prevent and cure disease by using specific doses of vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, trace minerals, electrolytes, and other natural substances found in the human body.

Botanical medicine uses the strength of whole plants to heal. While understanding the pharmacological mechanisms of plants, their powerful constituents can be used to formulate specific tinctures, or they can be taken as dried concentrates in pill form.

Dr. Starling has been trained through Opus23 and SHEI for interpretation of genetic data obtained through 23andme. Integrating the knowledge obtained from many years of genetic interpretation with the added data from Opus23 can be an extremely useful tool to get to the root of dysfunction.

This includes a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s health risks through reviewing diet, exercise, sleep, digestion, energy, and other factors to develop a preventative health protocol.

Being licensed to prescribe pharmaceuticals enables a broader understanding of the possible interactions between natural therapies and drugs, side effects of drugs, and where natural medicine may provide a more effective alternative to the drug and where it may not.