Treating the root cause of disease

Definition of Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine is the art and science of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease using natural methods. Naturopathic Doctors focus on optimizing health and wellness through individualized patient care and health education.

Naturopathic Medicine is medicine that treats the underlying cause of disease. It is the art and science of supporting the natural healing processes of the patient through the removal of any obstacles to these processes.  It is the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of physical, mental and emotional conditions; and it is the promotion of well-being using therapeutics that support or enhance a patient’s overall health.

In BC, naturopathic physicians are licensed as primary care doctors. They are trained as general practitioners in complementary medicine, providing a full range of diagnostic tests and therapies.


A registered Naturopathic Physician must have at least 7 years of education and training including more than 3 years of university education and 4 year post-graduate training at one of the two accredited naturopathic medical school in Canada.  Doctors must complete North American Board Exams prior to receiving a license to practice in Canada or the United States.


By staying true to the philosophy of naturopathic medicine, individualized health care programs are developed to bring you to a place of optimal health.

by using methods and medicines that minimize the risk of harmful side effects.

by identifying and removing the underlying causes of illness, rather than suppressing symptoms.

by sharing knowledge with patients and encouraging individual responsibility for health.

by understanding the unique physical, mental, emotional, genetic, environmental and social factors that contribute to illness, and customizing treatment protocols to the patient.

by partnering with the patient to assess risk factors and recommend appropriate naturopathic interventions to maintain health and prevent illness.

by recognizing and removing obstacles to the body’s inherent self-healing process.