Are we a good fit?

Balanced health, naturally.

We may need different practitioners at different stages on our healing journey and it is important to be open to this. To help you decide if we would be a good fit at this time, please consider the following:

  • If the main reason for your visit would be to discuss a physical problem then please know that I may also be asking you about mental and emotional health as well. Everything is connected.
  • If you are only looking for a drug or natural supplement to heal your health concerns and are not interested in also investigating diet or lifestyle changes, there may be another practitioner who would be more suited to help you at this time.
  • I believe that the view into the truth of our own healing potential is made clearer when we have someone to help us see into this innate healing space. I’ve seen that the burden of anything other than the truth of this potential and the truth of what is not in alignment with our essential self is costly for the mind, body and spirit and results in disease. I see that a large part of my job is to compassionately hold space for those who are willing to be honest with what could be holding them back. This is when beautiful deep healing occurs.